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One visit to Cinébistro was all it took to spoil us forever!

A woman in a turquoise sweater ordering dinner in a movie theater seat

Placing my order at Cinébistro

I know there are several movie theaters around the country that have cushy reclining seats that are comfy enough to nap in. And many where you can enjoy a mediocre meal while watching a movie. But after our first visit to the Cinébistro in Cary, North Carolina it will be very hard to go anywhere else.

A restaurant menu

Menu at Cinébistro

A man in a yellow sweater reading a menu

Steve perusing the menu at Cinébistro

Brian and Eve had been raving about this place so while we were visiting we decided to take in a movie. Honestly it didn’t matter what we saw because it was more about the experience than the film. Which happened to be a good thing because the movie was rather slow. Not that I profess to be a movie critic, but Murder on the Orient Express was not the best film I have ever seen. The scenery was gorgeous and the cast was fabulous. And when I saw that Johnny Depp was in it I was elated. But he was only in it for about a New York minute and I knew the ending of the Agatha Christy murder mystery so it really was not a mystery anymore. However the theater experience was amazing.

A white plate piled high with fries, a burger and a little black container of ketchup

Delicious Burger and Crispy Duck Fat Truffle Fries at Cinébistro

Brian had purchased our reserved seat tickets on line and we arrived early enough to have a leisurely cocktail at the lobby bar before being seated in the theater. They request that you are seated a half hour before the previews so that you can order your food and be served prior to the feature film. Our server was perky and answered all of our questions with a smile. Steve and I both ordered cheeseburgers accompanied by duck fat truffle fries. He had his with cheddar and I went Southern style and ordered mine with pimento cheese. Our burgers were both perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious. And the fries were fabulously flavorful and crispy. Our meal tasted so good with the bottle of wine that we ordered and the bottomless bowl of fresh popcorn that followed. I still can’t get over that we had a good meal, a bottle of wine, lots of leg room and watched a movie and we were in theater and not at home watching on television.