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A white RV with front slides out.

Our Dream RV

Steve and I have set the date! Well sort of because it keeps changing. About three weeks ago we made a life changing decision. We want to live on the road. After our six month road trip in our RV in 2006 we realized that we not only love RVing but we have developed a bad case of wanderlust. We don’t have that RV anymore but it would not be big enough for us anyway. Not big enough to live in full time that is. So we have committed to buying a 40 foot diesel pusher RV with four slides within the next year or two at the outside. Three weeks ago we set a date of November 1, 2013 as our departure date and then the very next night we moved it up to April 16, 2013. Then a couple of days later we came to the momentous realization that we really would like to leave a year sooner. So now the earliest our journey might begin would be a year from now, g-d willing! Our general plan is to sell our home and most of our collection of artwork. The “things” we just can’t part with we will put in storage until such time as we can’t travel anymore and opt to buy a condo on the beach somewhere. We will buy our dream RV used and a 20 foot car trailer to haul our 2004 BMW convertible and additional items that won’t fit in the RV. We won’t be retired however, we will be eating our way across this beautiful country of ours one local area at a time. That’s right – we will become The Traveling Locavores!! I will cook with local ingredients where ever we are and write about it. Steve and I will interview farmers, shopkeepers, chefs and restauranteurs who use only local ingredients. With any luck these writings will become magazine articles for food magazines like Bon Appetit, Food Network Magazine, Food and Wine and travel magazines like RV Life, Motor Home and any others that will accept my submissions. Occasionally Steve will write from his point of view with a byline of “from the driver’s seat”. We will also self publish little cookbooks for each local area with recipes using ingredients sourced within a 100 mile radius of that particular town. In addition I will teach cooking for small spaces in the RV resorts. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it should be a really amazing adventure. We plan on following the sun as we traverse America but we’ll always return to Florida to winter with our family and friends here. If home truly is where the heart is we will be at home wherever we go.

Steve by the Kennebunkport Maine sign with buildings in the background

Steve Welcomes You to Kennebunkport Maine

A life sized moose made of chocolate

An Actual Chocolate Moose in Scarborough Maine

Painting of Elvis in Graceland

Painting of Elvis in Graceland