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Since our son and his wife moved to Raleigh, North Carolina last year we have enjoyed exploring the Raleigh area each time we visit. And with each visit we find new and exciting things to do.

A man in a red sweater amongst fall foliage

Steve at the Raleigh Arboretum fall landscape

I have to tell you that my opinion of Raleigh has changed dramatically since our first visit in 2004! At that time Steve and I only stayed a night or two and could not wait to leave. Unfortunately we chose a weekend to stay in the Government District, so everything in the area was closed and deserted. And the worst part was that the best place to eat was a sports bar.

Rock Wall Waterfall at the Raleigh Arboretum

Rock Wall Waterfall at the Raleigh Arboretum

Fast forward a whole bunch of years and it seems like everything has changed. There are many options for sightseeing and most of them are free! And don’t get me started on the farm to table food scene. There is so much to be excited about!

A man in a red sweater next to a tree wrapped in red and white polka dot fabric

A fabric wrapped tree and my sweetheart

With chilly weather, actually freezing by South Florida standards, we chose a sunny day to visit the arboretum. The crisp air smell so wonderful and there were far more plants blooming than we had anticipated. The fun thing is that you could explore the arboretum each season and see a different landscape each time. We wandered the property and even stopped to smell the roses until it got a bit too nippy for us and our noses were as cold as a healthy puppy’s.

Fabulous Tree Sculpture with cobalt blue wine bottles for leaves at the Museum of Natural Sciences

Fabulous Tree Sculpture at the Museum of Natural Sciences

A woman in a turquoise sweater and a man in a red sweater standing next to a replica of the Liberty Bell

Steve and me with a Liberty Bell Replica

The next day we were happy to learn more about one of our new favorite cities so we went downtown to the Museum of Natural Sciences. This was a fascinating place filled with hanging dinosaur skeletons among other exhibits. We learned quite a bit about the history of the area from nature’s perspective. And the really cool part was that there were so many school kids there on field trips. There is something exciting about hearing the awe in the voices of youngsters.