I know the last time I posted I said I was taking a couple of weeks off and that it has actually turned into a few months. I also told you that there would be big announcement. And that is what this post is all about.

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I have been working very hard at rebranding my blog. In the very near future Food and Fond Memories will become The Traveling Locavores. A brand new site is being designed and built as we speak. I cannot wait to share the big reveal!!! The reason for the rebrand is that my husband and I are planning on traveling extensively beginning (hopefully) by next Spring. Leading up to our going on the road I will be writing all about searching for our perfect RV and sharing what we learn about how to go about traveling full time.


A beautiful entree on a white plate

Dinner Somewhere

Way back in 2006 and before I knew anything about blogging, Steve and I traveled for 6 months in an RV. I kept a written journal and I plan on sharing that with you once the new site is live so that you can see how easy it is to catch a case of wanderlust. At that time we had just said a bittersweet goodbye to our catering business of 18 years Affairs to Remember Catering. Hurricane Wilma had forced us into early retirement from a career that we loved. But we decided to move forward and create a new career by selling my hand made, one of a kind jewelry at art shows. We bought a 35-foot Damon Intruder RV with 2 slide outs and traveled to 23 states. We only worked on the weekends which gave us plenty of time for sightseeing the other 5 days each week. We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants and did a lot of exciting touring. And I cooked many, many wonderful meals in our tiny kitchen and outside on the grill.

RV at campsite

Our hotel on wheels!

Painting of Elvis in Graceland

Painting of Elvis in Graceland

Fast forward to today and we are chomping at the bit to get out of Dodge (aka Wellington, Florida) and back on the road. After our first RV we know everything we want in our next RV along with all of the things we don’t want. We spend lots of time online looking at RVs for sale hoping to find the perfect one at the right price. We are not afraid to do some renovations since Steve is an expert handyman by profession.

Steve by the Kennebunkport Maine sign with buildings in the background

Steve Welcomes You to Kennebunkport Maine

Once we do get out of here we plan on living and eating like a local for weeks at a time in each location; really getting a feel for the area and its culinary customs. We hope to meet with chefs, farmers, artists and artisans along the way so that we can share everything we learn with you. Obviously when we dine out I will write reviews about the restaurants we visit. But I will also share recipes that I create based on the local food traditions and are easy to prepare in any small kitchen.

Three people at restaurant in Montauk, NY. Steve and I with our chef

Our Former Chef Tony at His Restaurant in Montauk New York

Coming soon will be a store featuring my jewelry, custom aprons, and vintage serveware as well as pieces from artists and artisans that we meet and affiliate links to items that I love on Amazon!

A life sized moose made of chocolate

An Actual Chocolate Moose in Scarborough Maine

In addition to the focus changes in my writing, Steve will occasionally offer tips on RV repairs and little things we have learned to help new and seasoned RVers enjoy the ride. And since we will both be sharing information with you we will from this day forward be known as The Traveling Locavores! We can’t wait to take you along on our journey across this great and beautiful country of ours and beyond. I will let you know when thetravelinglocavores.com goes live very soon!