Historic Smithville NJ started as a simple stagecoach stop and has developed into an amazing way to spend a day, or even two.

A gazebo and colorful, quaint shops at Historic Smithville NJ.

The gazebo and village shops at Historic Smithville NJ

Lovely landscaping with quaint shops in the background at Historic Smithville NJ.

The well manicured landscaping at Historic Smithville NJ

Black and white rooster, a tan hen and little chicks on the grounds of Historic Smithville NJ.

All sorts of birds and bunnies roam free at the village shops in historic Smithville NJ.

If you meander along the cobblestone walkways you will pass 60 shops with that hometown feel. You will cross footbridges and discover a village that truly feels like it was frozen in time. The grounds are beautifully maintained with attention to detail that makes historic Smithville NJ a destination you will want to return to again and again. The charming village shops are filled with unique items that evoke a bygone era. We had such a great time in the Christmas Shoppe picking out fabulous new ornaments for Eve and Brian’s Chrismakah tree. They even bought us a special one that was a menorah! In another store, I spied a very unique wine glass. The stem of the glass was a chef. And yes, Steve did surprise me by buying it. In fact, he disappeared with the pretense of needing a restroom. In actuality, he was placing my beautifully wrapped gift in the car.

A wine glass with a glass chef for the stem from Historic Smithville NJ sitting on a kitchen counter.

My fabulous Chef Wine Glass on my kitchen counter.

On many trips, Steve and I will buy a single artistic wine glass to remember the location. When we entertain friends and family for dinner each person gets a different glass. It is a great conversation starter. But since we have been planning to travel full time in an RV we really have not added to our collection because we really can’t take such fragile things with us. But how could we not have a Chef Wine Glass?

A colorful carousel with hot pink and turquoise top at Historic Smithville NJ

The beautiful carousel at historic Smithville NJ.
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A closer look at the wooden animals on the carousel at Historic Smithville NJ.

A closeup of the wonderful wooden animals on the carousel at historic Smithville NJ.
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A colorful train and depot at Historic Smithville NJ.

The charming little train at its depot at Historic Smithville NJ
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A lake with paddle boats and shops at Historic Smithville NJ.

Paddle boats and more shops across the lake at Historic Smithville NJ

Even this family of ducks like the lake at Historic Smithville NJ

In addition to the shops historic Smithville NJ has many more attractions to draw people. The Smithville Inn is an award-winning fine dining restaurant that also is a venue for over 80 weddings a year. For more casual meals there are three other restaurants in the village to choose from. And if you want to spend more than a day you can stay the night at the Colonial Inn Bed and Breakfast that offers 27 rooms to choose from that will exceed your expectations. For fun, there is a beautiful 20-foot carousel that arrived on the scene in 2000 from Wichita Kansas. The carousel not only fills children with glee but also provides a great photo op for prom dates and wedding parties. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there is a train that traverses the village and paddle boats for enjoying Smithville’s Lake Meone.

If you are planning a visit to the Jersey Shore, I highly recommend that you take the short, 20-minute drive to historic Smithville NJ!