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Seasoned ribs on a foil lined sheet pan.

Seasoned Ribs Ready for the Grill

It seems like eons ago that I wrote about our new outdoor kitchen and fabulous kamado style cooker. In reality it has only been six months. So much has happened since then. I am happy to say it has all been good! We have even tweaked the outdoor kitchen a bit with the addition of a fabulous pot rack that Steve and I made to hang over my butcher block cart. And a whole lot of cooking with both charcoal and gas grills. Which brings me to the main event that fabulous kamado style cooker.
I am sure many of you have heard of “The Big Green Egg”, well this is the big black egg. I had wanted one of these ceramic cookers for several years but they were just too expensive. And since Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addition started on Food Network I was really starting to really want one. Some time during the summer COSTCO started carrying a kamado grill by Vision Grills for under $1,000 but that was still to much for us to spend for a second grill. Especially since we have a very expensive and amazing Jenn-Air gas grill. Funny, my mother used to tell me that all good things come to those who wait. I guess patience is a virtue that has its rewards because Steve went into COSTCO on day in October and could not believe that the Vision Grill was on clearance for under $400. And wonderful husband that he is, he bought it for me! And then of course he had to assemble it.
Naturally I had to cook something on it immediately. I went out and bought a huge package of St. Louis style ribs, mixed together a sweet and spicy rub and let the ribs absorb the seasonings while I soaked some hickory chips and got the ceramic grill ready for smoking. Now I have read that smoking is such a long, low, slow process that you need to add coals every hour or so. Well that is not the case with this amazing grill. After 5 or 6 hours in the smoker I was still on the first load of hardwood charcoal. The grill/smoker/oven maintained an even temperature throughout the entire smoking time and we had succulent, fall off the bone tender ribs. To go with I made a spicy and a sweet barbecue sauce and a colorful cole slaw with green onion vinaigrette. Bobby Flay recipes as if I had to tell you.

Ribs smoking on a Kamado Grill

Ribs Just Beginning to Smoke

Ribs smoking with lots of smoke in a Kamado grill

Look at That Great Smoke!

Saucy cooked ribs in a pile.

Tender Sweet and Spicy St. Louis Style Ribs

I saw that the Vision Grills are back at COSTCO, so you might want to go get one in time for grilling season. With Memorial Day on Monday you have the perfect excuse. Obviously you could also make these fabulous ribs on a regular charcoal grill or a smoker. Just be prepared if you do that you will need to add coals to keep the heat at the proper temperature. Because it takes so long to cook the ribs I don’t recommend using a gas grill.