Steve and I made a return visit to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, North Carolina. The last time we went we were enthralled by their special Art Deco Automobiles Exhibit so we wanted to check out what might be new and exciting.

A bright yellow wall hanging with draping and some red and black running through it.

An Amazing Piece in the African Art Exhibit

An African Dress of Hand Woven Fabric on very long legs with wall hanging in background

An African Dress of Hand Woven Fabric

And we picked just the right time for our return visit because there was a fabulous exhibit of African Art!!! We wandered the exhibit area totally entranced with everything on display.

A sign "See Yourself in African Art"

We Became the Art!

A digital screen creating a portrait of the woman standing in front of it.

Recognize the face in this digital portrait? Yup. It’s me!

A digital screen creating a portrait of the man standing in front of it.

Steve became part of the exhibit too. So cool!!!

We even became part of the exhibit itself. There was a digital screen that visitors could stand in front of and see themselves transformed into art. Each little square is a photo of one of the pieces in the African Art Exhibition that somehow became a portrait of whomever stood in front of the screen. We were so fascinated by this that we posed several times.

A man working at a loom

Steve trying his hand at weaving.

A glass enclosure with African art on display

Woven Art

Steve even tried his hand at weaving at an interactive loom. Now if only he could create pieces like the ones above!

Two African masks in a glass enclosure

Fabulous African Masks

An African Man's Costume on display

An African Man’s Costume

Red and gold art installation

More incredible African Art

There were masks and costumes, bowls and tools. Everywhere we looked something colorful and intriguing caught our attention. As an artist I am always inspired by the creation and ingenuity of other artists no matter where they are from.

A gold sculpture of a man with small airplanes crashing into him

This chilling piece made me thing of the Twin Towers on 9/11!

A painting of and African woman amongst yellow and orange flowers

I was drawn to this one!

Something about this artist’s work resonated with me. I loved her use of color punctuated by the black background.

A mixed media piece of the sea done with paint and fishhooks.

The undulating ocean done with paint and fish hooks!

A corner close up view of a piece showing fish hooks against paint.

A corner close up shows the fish hooks clearly.

This piece above totally had us spellbound. From a short distance it appeared to be an undulating ocean with, perhaps, seaweed at the crests. But upon closer inspection you learn that it is composed of paint and actual fish hooks. Hundreds and hundreds of fish hooks. Genius!

A fun and colorful abstract piece of three women.

A fun and colorful abstract piece of three women.

This last selection was such fun. It made me think of me and my two best friends Jackie and Sheri. We love to shop together, dine together and pretty much have fun no matter what we do as long as we are together!

I wonder what Steve and I will discover on our next visit to the NC Museum of Art?