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I’m sure you all have a favorite “go to” recipe for when you are short on time to get dinner on the table. For me that is usually some sort of omelet. Omelets are fast, easy and satisfying. It is so easy to get creative with the fillings which is what can really elevate the dish and move it from a breakfast dish to one that is perfect for dinner. So the other night I was thinking about creating a new omelet for my repertoire. I was at the point of making an omelet or calling for Chinese when I realized that on those rare occasions when we do order Chinese it’s actually an omelet that we order. Our standard Chinese take-out is Shrimp Egg Foo Yong. Okay, I had shrimp but I wasn’t really in the mood for Asian. Steve and I prefer the foods of the Mediterranean and I realized that if the Chinese could put shrimp in an omelet I could turn to Greece for my Shrimp Omelet. And that is how my Shrimp and Feta Omelet was born.

A pink dinner plate topped with a Shrimp And Feta Omelet

Shrimp And Feta Omelet

I included our favorite omelet ingredients – shallots and mushrooms. The first thing I did was peel and devein my lovely wild caught Gulf shrimp. I made sure they were thoroughly dried and seasoned them on both sides with salt and pepper. While I heated a little olive oil in a non-stick 10-inch skillet I minced 3 or 4 large cloves of garlic. Once my pan was hot I added the shrimp and cooked them on one side for about a minute and a half. Then I flipped them over and added the garlic to the pan to cook and impart their wonderful flavor to the shrimp. Once the shrimp was cooked through and the garlic fragrant and golden and removed that mixture to a plate to reserved for later in the omelet making process. Next I added a little more olive oil to the pan along with some thinly sliced shallots and cooked them over medium heat until they were softened and slightly caramelized. I then added sliced cremini mushrooms and some salt and pepper, cooking the mushrooms until they were nicely browned. As I waited for the mushrooms to brown I beat 4 large eggs in a bowl with 2-3 tablespoons of water, salt, pepper and about a teaspoon of dried Herbes de Provence. Once the mushrooms were done I arranged the shrimp and garlic evenly on top of the mushroom and shallot mixture and poured the eggs over everything in the pan.
Now every time I make omelets I channel Julia Child and I can hear her in my head telling me how to make them. She tells me to pour my eggs in and let them cook until they start to set around the edges. Then to tilt my pan slightly, push the cooked eggs to the center and let the uncooked egg fill in the gap. Just keep doing that all around the pan until the eggs are set. For me this yields perfect omelets each and every time.

A pink dinner plate topped with a Shrimp And Feta Omelet sitting on a butcher block

Shrimp And Feta Omelet

So once my eggs are set I sprinkle on some feta evenly over the top, cover my pan and reduce the heat to low. This last part only takes a couple of minutes. The eggs finish cooking and the feta softens a bit. Now since I make one rather large omelet for the two of us my last step is to divide the omelet down the middle and put my spatula under the first half, fold it over on top of itself and lift it out of the pan and onto a dinner plate. Then just repeat with the other half of the omelet. Dinner for two is served.
This new omelet is now firmly imbedded in my repertoire because it was so wonderfully delicious and so filling that it didn’t need any accompaniments. But should you want to add anything I would think that a light salad or some great bread would be ideal.