Last week Steve and I decided that it was time for our RV search to begin so he started by looking on Craig’s List to see if there were any for sale near us.

Front view of an RV

40′ Damon Ultrasport

Side view of RV with slide-out

40′ Damon Ultrasport with Living Room Slide Out

Since we enjoyed our 35-foot Damon Intruder when we traveled in 2006 his interest was piqued when he noticed that someone in our area had a larger Damon Ultrasport Diesel for sale at a pretty reasonable price. And off we went to take a look see. Our expectations were high since this Class A unit had more slides and had a diesel engine which we wanted because our previous RV was gas. We knew from experience that we needed a “diesel pusher” to be able to maneuver mountainous areas more easily. Unfortunately we were very disappointed. This 40-foot RV felt so small. We knew this one was not for us. Our smaller RV was actually roomier and had a better floor plan. One layout we know we don’t like is one where you walk through the bathroom to get to the bedroom. And that is the layout that this one had. And we also came to the realization that we should reconsider the type of RV we wanted.

Dining Area

RV Kitchen

Teeny Tiny Kitchen

RV Refrigerator

RV’s Side by Side Fridge

RV bathroom sink and shower

RV Bathroom

RV bedroom window, bed and closet

RV Bedroom with Queen Bed

Here’s the thing. Since we had been so sure that we would go the Class A route and tow a vehicle that we traded in my little 2004 BMW convertible that could only be towed on a flat bed trailer for a Honda CRV that could be flat towed behind the RV. Don’t get me wrong. The Honda is great! But useless for the type of RV we definitely know we will be happiest living in full time. A Fifth Wheel is the way to go for us. And a Fifth Wheel needs to be towed by a great big pickup truck because the hitch actually goes in the bed of the truck. Oops! Now we not only need to search for a Fifth Wheel RV but a truck too. Oh well, the shopping is part of the fun!

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