We would like to introduce ourselves to you for those of you who don’t already know us. We are Sandy and Steve aka The Traveling Locavores. According to the dictionary a locavore is “a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food”. We are combining that passion for local food with our passion for travel so tada we are The Traveling Locavores. 

Dictionary Definition of a Locavore

Dictionary Definition of a Locavore

In the near future we hope to be traveling full time in our yet to be purchased RV but until then we will fill you in on past and current excursions into local cooking, dining and points of interest. I will be covering the food, RV shopping, RV decorating, storage tips and tourist attractions while my husband will offer tips on RVing itself and info on making your own repairs. We also look forward to sharing our search for our perfect home on wheels.

I am not new to the blogosphere. Since November 2009 I have written a blog called Food and Fond Memories but have decided to change focus a bit with a fresh new approach. I will still be sharing recipes that either I have developed or that I have adapted from the 1,000 or so cookbooks in my collection. But going forward my recipes will all be designed to be easy to prepare in a very small kitchen. So whether you are in an RV, camping or in an apartment with a tiny kitchen you will find easy to prepare restaurant quality meals for your dining pleasure. As a Cordon Bleu trained chef with 18 years experience owning and operating an upscale off-premise catering company Affairs to Remember Catering and a cookbook published also called Affairs to Remember available in our shop (shameless plug); I feel confident I can inspire you to become a locavore as well!

Man in turquoise shirt and woman in black blouse toasting with glasses of red wine

Meet The Traveling Locavores

Our hope is that we can inform you of what is trending in local areas across this wonderful country of ours with the main goal of helping you bring that food into your kitchen and onto your dining table so that you can visit another place without leaving home. And if you can leave home we will guide you to the best food, farmers markets and attractions.