After visiting New Orleans about 20 times over the years, Steve and I thought it would be fun to outline our perfect day in New Orleans for you. Would you like that? Honestly that is a really tall order because there are so many unbelievably great restaurants and attractions. So perfection may have multiple choices for meals! But here goes…

A plate of beignet and coffee at Cafe du Monde from our perfect day in New Orleans

Beignets and Coffee from Café du Monde
Photo Credit: Website

A sandwich board of a girl with a tray of food at Molly's for breakfast on Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

Welcome to Molly’s Rise ad Shine!

The interior of a restaurant with a woman seated at a table waving from Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

Hi from Molly’s!

We would start our morning relatively early with coffee and beignet at Café du Monde in the French Quarter because coffee is a must and their beignet are the very best anywhere. Now that we are wide awake we would take a stroll through the French Market to see what’s interesting there and maybe do a little shopping on Rue Royale for antiques or art. Which of course would make us hungry so we would head over to Molly’s Rise and Shine on Magazine for a real breakfast. Nothing can beat their fabulous Grand Slam McMuffin. It really puts Mickey D’s to shame!

A print of a pale green shotgun home from Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

We find this print that looks just like our friends’ home in the Pearl neighborhood of New Orleans!

A pink pig statue dressed for Mardi Gras from Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

Cochon ready for Mardi Gras at Cochon Butcher

A grilled sandwich on a white plate from Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

My Grilled Pastrami and Swiss with Sauerkraut at Cochon Butcher

Then because – who doesn’t love to shop? – we would check out the cool boutiques all up and down Magazine Street. This would naturally work up an appetite so we’d beeline it Cochon Butcher to try and beat the lunch rush. And whaddoyaknow, we make it just a second before the line forms out the door. What will we order there? Well it has to be the Grilled Pastrami with Swiss Cheese and Saurkraut on Rye with sweet and spicy bread and butter pickles for me. But for Steve, it would be the Cajun Pork Dog on a Pretzel Bun. In fact, he just told me he could go for one right NOW. So yummy! OR. Maybe we’d have muffulettas at Central Grocery. OR. Maybe we’d just might have to go to Domilise’s for the very best Po’ Boys anywhere in the world. OR. It might have to be Turkey and the Wolf to share a Fried Baloney Sandwich and a Wedge Salad. You can see the dilemma her, can’t you?

A man and a woman on either side of a musician with his kora from our perfect day in New Orleans

Look who we found! Jonah Tobias with his Kora in Jackson Square

By now our bellies are full so we need to walk off some of the calories, Back to the French Quarter we go for a stroll around Jackson Square to check out all of the craziness there. You see just about everything there. From living statues to artwork, from acrobats to musicians. As we turn a corner of Jackson Square we hear the unmistakable and exotic sounds of our friend Jonah Tobias’ kora and stop to listen to him perform with his band Buku Broux. The instrument he plays is a cross between a lute and a harp and the sound is just extraordinary. Thanks goodness we have all three of their albums so we can listen even when we are not in New Orleans. At this point we decide we should head back to our hotel to relax before dinner. Well truth be told, if this is really our perfect day we would be heading back to our RV not a hotel.)

A stage with musicians at a concert from Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

Concert in Lafayette Park

Two dogs on leashes checking each other out on Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

These pups were having such a good time together at Lafayette Park in New Orleans

While driving back to our hotel or RV we pass a park that is having a concert and art show. So of course we must stop and check it out. We meander through this park and dance to the dulcet sound of Robin Barnes in concert. The rhythm of her music is so wonderful that there is just no way to stand still. But alas, we realize we need to freshen up and change for our dinner.

The inside of a restaurant from our Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

The cool decor at BABS – Chef Nina Compton’s Bywater American Bistro

A bowl of pumpkin soup with buttermilk sorbet and a tuna toast from Our Perfect Day in New Orleans

A couple of our yummy appetizers at BABS

A man and a woman on either side of a chef from our perfect day in New Orleans

Steve and me (aka The Traveling Locavores) with award winning Chef and new friend Nina Compton

Now dinner is where perfection has more choices than you can imagine. We have sooooo many favorites. Bayona, Brigtsen’s, Zasu, Cochon, August, Emeril’s NOLA; our list keeps growing. But on this day of perfection we choose Nina Compton’s newish place Bywater American Bistro, or BABS as it is affectionately called by locals. We choose BABS because we know we will be treated like old friends and enjoy the fabulous, creative, Caribbean influenced food that Chef Compton is known for. We know our meal will be comforting and delicious and of course, we are right! Perfection can be hard to achieve unless you are in New Orleans!